26 November 2020

Gippsland New Energy Forum

Location: webinar

Join Committee for Gippsland and the Gippsland Climate Change Network for a wide-ranging discussion on the state of play for Gippsland’s new energy sector and what it means for regional communities, employment, and development.


This webinar, the first in a series, will include presentations from key stakeholders in new energy and will be followed by a Q & A session to help build community awareness and confidence around what’s to come as we move towards establishing Gippsland as a clean energy hub.

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21  26 March 2021

10th International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technology.

Location: Shanghai, China

The conference will focus on one of the key challenges of the 21st century namely the transformation from a linear economy towards a circular carbon economy. We invite you to join us for exchanges about alternative and innovative developments associated with sustainable conversion and utilization of carbon resources as well as challenges and opportunities for carbon intensive industries.

This event, jointly organized by the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Freiberg, Germany), the Institute of Clean Coal Technology (ICCT) at the East China University of Science and Technology (Shanghai, China) and the Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd (Beijing, China), will provide a platform for political, industry and scientific actors along carbon value chains from extraction, processing/refining to conversion, utilization and chemical recycling to engage in in-depth discussions about issues associated with closing the carbon cycle and the role of primary and secondary carbon resources in a circular economy.

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12  14 April 2021

1st FERIA Conference, the European Conference on Fuel and Energy Research and Its Applications, the Successor to the ECCRIA Series of Conferences

Location: The University of Nottingham, UK

The Fuel and Energy Research Forum has been created to bring together all those with interests in fuel and energy research, particularly biomass, waste and fossil fuels and to promote and integrate these interests in the UK and worldwide. These research areas are increasingly important as carbon-fuels continue to play a key role in the energy mix of today. These fuels provide a widely-distributed, secure and reliable source of energy that is relatively easy to obtain. Clean carbon-fuel technology is the order of the day, with particular attention being paid to carbon capture and storage in view of global warming and carbon dioxide emissions from carbon-based usage.

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 2 December 2021

European Mineral Fertilizer Summit

Location: Europe

This conference brings together senior executives and experts from the fertilizer industries, as well as leading market analysts, consultants, technology providers & innovators to discuss the latest challenges and developments within the mineral fertilizer industry.

The two day event will provide an exclusive platform for collaboration and discussion between a variety of industry perspectives including manufacturers, suppliers, distribution/logistics and academia, as well as policy makers and NGO’s allowing attendees to benefit from excellent networking opportunities.

The objective of this conference is to put an emphasis on the latest projects, the innovative specialty products, the new plant technologies and the best practices within operational production. This conference will also focus on tackling the latest opportunities arising from societal concerns.

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